The Levels Of Clairsentience Part 4

In this, the fourth part of this discussion, we will take a quick look at the last four types of Feeler Clairsentience and then move on to the real point of all of these parts. I know it has taken a while to get to the point, but with this much information, it was important for everyone to have a decent understanding of the levels of Clairsentience, as well as, the psychological repercussions that can arise with these gifts. So lets get started with a quick look at the last four types, Heightened Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Introjection, Physical Absorption and Physical Projection.

What you will note in this chart, is that we have been over many of these ideas already. So I am simply going to reiterate what each is and then move on.

Emotional Introjection is an unconscious internalization of aspects of the world (especially aspects of persons) within the self in such a way that the internalized representation takes over the psychological functions of the external objects. It can also be defined as a psychological defense mechanism involving appropriation of an external happening and its assimilation by the personality, making it a part of the self. In basic terms, it means to take on the emotional traits of others. It can also be done physically, but we will leave that for another discussion.

Mimicry is the act or art of copying or imitating closely. It is the ability of some creatures to imitate others, either by sound or appearance, or to merge with their environment for protective purposes. For Humans, it is often used as a protective mechanism to set another person at ease or to help the user blend into whatever group they are with at the moment.

It can occur in one of two ways. The first is emotional mimicry, which means that the person who is mimicking emulates the emotional states of those around them. If a group is outraged at someone for a supposed wrong doing, the one mimicking will follow along and express the same outrage, even if later they find themselves wondering why they did it. The second is physical mimicry which includes the emulation of speech patterns, facial movements, hand gestures, and body language. Often this will set another person at ease when they see someone making familiar gestures, even if they don’t recognize it at the conscious level.

Heightened Emotional Intelligence is a term that describes the heightened ability, capacity, skill or a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.

This type can take you in two directions, that of selflessness or that of selfishness, with two of its extreme results being exemplified in the ideas of the martyr and the messiah complex.

On the first path one discovers empathy, pity, compassion and sympathy. Often times, if this is combined with low self esteem and very little self worth, it can develop into a case of martyrdom in which the one helping others finds their sole purpose and value in helping others, even when it is to their own detriment. This is an unhealthy mix and can turn dangerous for both the martyr and the person they are trying to help, if this is left unchecked.

While on the other, it is possible to develop an egocentric personality which forgets the real purpose of offering others help. When one understands how the human mind and its emotions work, it can often times convey to the person who is able to do it a sense of false power, which can work against that person in the long run. If left unchecked it can cause the person to begin to believe they know what is best for others, and in some extreme cases, to believe that they are the way to enlightenment, salvation, or whatever other term the person wishes to apply to it. This is where the messiah complex comes into play. Most often when it reaches this level, the person in question already has what would be deemed as one of the dark triad personality types, or a combination of two or more.

Physical Absorption occurs when a person’s physical traits, attributes, and/or ailments are absorbed by another. Depending on the person and their motivational intent, Physical Absorption can act as a cloning mechanism or as an ability which steals away the physical trait, attribute and/or ailment, leaving the other person without that trait, attribute, and/or ailment.

Physical Projection occurs when a one’s personal attributes, traits, and/or ailments are ascribed onto another person or people.

Mimicry is the act or art of copying or imitating closely. It is the ability of some creatures to imitate others, either by sound or appearance, or to merge with their environment for protective purposes.

Both Physical Projection and Absorption can be used to produce types healing, which includes the laying on of hands, energy channel healing, and the absorption of disease. One works as a pushing of energy through the body, which would be a form of physical projection. While the other works in the opposite way, with the absorption of an ailment.

Physical projection can also produce, when combined with things like heightened emotional intelligence, a form of manipulator that has no issues about physically intimidating others, causing them physical duress, or ascribing them with the negative traits they themselves exemplify.


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on June 21, 2009.

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