More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception

Looking through any door, or above this picture will allow you to enter a different perspective.

Do you see a man or a mermaid beneath the ocean?

How many wolves do you see?

Is it flat or are they going up to the top?

If you turn this one upside down, you will see another man.

Ladies drinking or a skull?

A man or lots of animals?

A ship sailing on the ocean or a skull?

A woman surrounded by baskets of bread or lots of skulls?

Are her eyes opened or closed?

Do you see a man with a mustache or a woman with her arm outstretched?

Man or books?

This one is a little bit difficult. Look beneath the table to find the change in perspective.

How many tigers?

Hearts a plenty.

Can you find the hidden faces of both humans and animals here?

This one is wooded optical illusion art.

Ants moving along the same path and yet…….

Jesus or a bunch of people surrounding him on a donkey?

Woman or harp?

Old man or man on a horse leaving another man sleeping?

This one is a double optical illusion. First the wall looks as though it goes in two directions, and the hands become people in the fetal position.

Ape or Hand?

Angel Or Waterfall?

This one is just fun.

How many horses can you find?

The impossible optical illusion.

The Devil or ladies?

This one must be turned to truly see what it is. Is it just a landscape, or something more?

If you look in the center you will find a face.

Can you see the face?

One big cat or lots of cats? How many can you see?

Another optical illusion that must be turned upside down to see.

How many dolphins can you find?

A circus gymnastics troupe or a railway bridge?

Earth or Earth Mother?

Twins obviously, but very interesting optical illusion.


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on May 28, 2009.

31 Responses to “More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception”

  1. I don't get the twins one.

  2. i got most of them

  3. i got them all if you didnt then go back to school

  4. Your cut off. I'm still at school.

  5. nice illusions

  6. My Favorites might be the Harp one, and the one with the hands and broken building. These are all very good illusions. Also, if I were to put on a recommendation to these people, if you take a picture of an EXIT sign, you can see a house between the E and the X. The middle line in the E is the door and the right side of the X is the roof. You can see it on . It's not much of an illusion, but it is sort of fun to look for it whenever you come across an exit sign! Thanks!

  7. I got all of em! This was fun to look at.

  8. some of them were really intresting but some were boring and i felf i had seen them before so probly 5/10 if you had to rate it out of 10

  9. super

  10. freaky.. and cool! good work! 🙂 my url is fake.

  11. i got most the ones that were like " how many horses can u find" were boring so i skipped them

  12. wow that is so cool! i didn't get the twins one though but i still liked it! 🙂

  13. i like the first and second optical illusion and the one where the ladies make up the devil

  14. That was fun.

  15. The earth mother one was rubbish.

  16. i really liked it i think u guys did a good job

  17. freaky shit but sooooo coooooll

  18. i could not find the girls face in the man playing the instrument….Help!! 🙂

  19. Anonymous said…i could not find the girls face in the man playing the instrument….Help!! :)the music note and his chin are the eyes and the funnel part of the sax is the shadow of her chin and his hand shapes her nose. Hope that helps. Anyway, awesome stuff. Love the heart illusion and the devil one.-A. Tawny Miss

  20. these are good i think i got most of them

  21. Merry Christmas it really is 7:23 in NE

  22. I thought it was GREEAAATTT!

  23. the most beautiful optical illusion was the waterfall or the angel!!!

  24. >you need new optical illusions because these are old and i saw them like a zillion times but i love them and they are really cool…

  25. >i dont get the twins…also i agree with anonymous above me.

  26. >agree with anonymous above me and anonymous above the anonymous above me lol

  27. >whats a alooen?

  28. >hey really cool stuff here

  29. >its is still me (anonymous above me)and its actually 5:20 here in the Bronx;)

  30. >amazing!VERY unique pictures, and lots of them!….ive been to lots of sytes like this and this is the best one yet… wow!

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