An Unheard Cry Of The Soul

Ever wanted someone to look at you in complete understanding, and even if it is without words, to tell you that you aren’t alone on this big hunk of rock orbiting a gigantic fireball in the sky? One single person to make you feel like you matter, to offer you validation not just for your existence, but for the path you walk in your life, no matter how different it is from the norm? This is a cry that goes out from those who can walk into a room full of people, and still feel utterly isolated and alone.

The questions, unspoken, and yet, poignantly there all the same; do I make sense? am I crazy? can you relate to this at all? Will you reach out to me, even if it is with a smile, a nod or a single word?

Its hard to admit that we have these needs, particularly in a world that teaches privacy above all else. And with the added possibilities of being wounded in the process, being used, or being rebuffed, we pull ourselves even tighter into our shells. And there we imagine we are safe, all the while we sit alone stewing in our own rising needs which push at our temples demanding release. And even then, we try to look away.

So whether you are an Empath or not, whether you are hyper-sensitive or not, whether you know it at the conscious level or not, you are not alone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life, or failed to do. It does not matter who you think you are or what you are. You are still not alone.


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on April 13, 2009.

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