Personal Perspective Vs. Empathic Perspective ~ A Balance

Personal Perspective Vs. Empathic Perspective

Personal perspective is basically the view from which you see the world, on an intimate level. It is how you perceive the world around you. It is your personal judgments, likes and dislikes, motives, etc.

Empathic Perspective is the ability to see through another person’s perspective and ‘walk a mile n their shoes’. Whether this is done simply with emotion, or with the addition of visualization through imagination is irrelevant. As your ability to control empathic perspective grows, so to will your ability to not only feel others emotions, but also to see their experiences through their eyes.

What’s the point of this discussion, right? The problem with Empathic Perspective is that most empaths are unbonded, meaning they have a natural gift of Empathy, but retain no control over it. This forces a problem to arise, which to the layman would seem bizarre. Because of a lack of control over their gifts, an Empath’s personal perspective can be lost in the overwhelming depth of another’s perspective, when they are working through empathic perception.

This drawback of Empathic perspective can cause serious problems to arise. It leaves the Empath feeling lost and alone in a sea of emotions not their own. It can beget depression, and even suicide attempts.

So the objective of learning to control this gift of Empathy is to bring these two aspects of oneself into focus and balance, so that one does not outweigh the other. And to do this, one must have a deep sense of self, so as to force consideration not just for the person the Empath links to, but also for themselves. And this is the hardest thing for an Empath to do, because their focus and intent is always pointed outwardly toward others. Their truest purpose in life is focused toward others.

This attitude is unbalanced and unhealthy for Empaths. So, in realizing this what can one do to alter the situation, bringing both personal and empathic perspective into balance?

To have a sense of self, through self esteem, is the most important means by which one is able to ground themselves, because it forces you to be aware of yourself as much as another person. It makes you a tangible variable in the equation of Empathic work. Because once there is a steady foundation within you, of who you are beyond your gifts of Empathy, the easier it is to retain that sense of self when reaching out to others on an empathic level.

So how does one find their true self, in the face of all of the overwhelming weight of others? Try reading here for some helpful answers:

And for one method of holding onto your self in the face of that weight, read here:

You will find that once you can retain your sense of self, you will discover how much easier being an Empath can be. And at that point it won’t be about learning to control your gift, it will simply be about doing, because there is no more confusion to stand in the way of what you are compelled to do. There is you, with your personal perspective, and there is you and the person you are helping , with empathic perspective. And each is separate and unique within you.


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on March 29, 2009.

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