The Empathic Senses

Our gifts are as much based on our ability to see, as it is based on our ability to feel what others feel. But what if you couldn’t see. How would you read another person without seeing their facial expressions and looking at the body language. What would you do?

Would you rely in your own intuition, your feelings, and your imagination to see you trhough? You hear a voice full of pain and you see a face in your mind, tension building in the eyes and around he mouth as they speak, possibly even tears.

What if your on the computer and you have neither sight nor sound. All you have is words. How will you read the person asking for help?

Can you picture their problem? Or possibly remember one of your own that is similar in feeling, and relate to it through that experience? Do you look at each word written and how it is used to judge emotion? Or do you simply feel through intuition.

Its important to realize that empathy is not just a feeling ability. In using it to its fullest potential, you use all of your senses, along with your ability to feel what others feel, to reach out and help others. Sight…….sound……touching……smelling……..and even tasting all enhance the empathic experience, bringing your 6th sense, as it were, to life. It makes it a much richer and deeper experience for both you and the one you wish to heal.

The more you recognize your senses consciously, the stronger your gift will become because you are aware. You smell deep rich smells. You taste every herb used in food. You see the changing colors of the leaves in a vibrant rainbow of color. You hear crickets, birds, and even the leaves falling.. You feel the warmth of the hearth as it burns brightly to warm your soul.

All of these things bring your gift to life. It allows you to feel and see deeper into the person, and place yourself in their shoes to understand them better. So when you look around yourself and you curse all the leaves that are falling, or you feel the cold nipping at your toes, remember to stop and appreciate all the wondrous miracles that surround you.


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on March 24, 2009.

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