The Empath Survey: What Would You Do?

This is the Empath Survey, where you get to answer some questions, and ask any you might have, as well. So think about it, and tell us, what would you do? Feel free to answer any or all of the questions, and add more questions.

The Empath Survey

1)How did you feel when you found out you were an Empath?

2) Do you see your empathic ability as a curse or a blessing?

3) Do you have premonitions?

4) Do you get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions? How do you handle it?

5) Do you sense positive and negative energies?

6) Do people seem to trust your intuition and heed your warnings?

7) Do you even tell people you are an Empath? How do they react?

8) Do you pick up random emotions when in public, and get very annoyed/upset when you can not find who the emotions belong to? How do you handle this?

9) Do you find people automatically upon meeting them start telling you personal things about themselves without you asking?

10) How many serious relationships and friendships have you had in your life? How did being an Empath affect those relationships?

11) When people lie and you sense it, how do you react?

12) What would you like to do with your abilities?

13) When you sense something bad is going to happen but can’t pinpoint it, what do you do?


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on March 24, 2009.

One Response to “The Empath Survey: What Would You Do?”

  1. I will be perfectly honest, although I do not know why I am telling this to you…
    1) It was something I knew from the time I was very small. My mother told me stories about me crying for her when she was sad – and I was only about six months old when this started. I used to pass by people on the street while riding in my parents car and feel tidbits of emotions reach out to me – jealousy, sadness, anger. So I learned to “compartmentalize” (for lack of a better term) the feelings of others in order to be able to focus on what was happening around me. It was hard to learn not to blame myself.
    2) I didn’t think about it for a long time, but after entering the healthcare field as a nusing assistant, then working as a nurse for the last twelve years, I have come to realize it can be both a blessing and a curse to have empathic abilities. If you do not release the negative energy/ emotions you draw in, it harms you physically and emotionally. I have suffered depression, asthma, unexplained pain, and even extreme joy/ sexual energy that comes on at odd times without preamble. Now that I am beginning to open up to my condition, I am better able to accept it and recognize what feelings are not my own.
    3) Yes, but it would be nice if they were predictable : ) The first one happened when I was about six. I saw a kid throwing a block at me from across the sandbox before it happened. I was able to swat it away before it hit me. Then, a couple of years ago, I knew we would see a car accident when we left a parking lot. I just prayed it would not be my family and I affected. Sure enough, as we pulled out, two cars slammed into one another about ten feet from our driver’s side window. Other instances have occurred, but I won’t draw this out too long.
    4) Yes, it does get overwhelming. I have always; on reflex, had strange moments where I tense all over and feel energy leaving my body. I didn’t know what this was when I was younger, but noticed I always felt better after I did it. I now call it my emotional cleansing. I send the energy out of me into the floor or up to the sky – hoping it will not harm anyone it comes into contact with.
    5) Yes. Positive energy gives a nice tingle through the body – like after a good massage. Negative energy, depending on the amount, can make me nauseous, anxious or “clam up.” I feel I need to shut out the world when I am dealing with a lot of negative energy. My family does not understand this.
    6) Most definitely. I have a way of knowing the right course of action without being told. People have told me I make them feel at ease; they trust me.
    7) I have told very few people. My mom knows, and says she and my grandmother are this way, too. I have told my husband as well.
    : ) I was driving down the road on my way home from work, and a man was kneeling against the side of a 7 -11 holding a bag of bread. I got the most awful feeling of dread coming from him. He was very worried and distressed. I tried to pray for him and send happiness his way.
    9) Yes. I have noticed that, but didn’t attribute it to being an empath.
    10) Only one serious relationship before getting married to the most honest man in the world. I have difficulty maintaining relationships with friends because they lay all their emotional problems on me and I feel their struggle. It is very tiring for me to have lots of friends. I find myself trying to keep the relationships shallow and uninvolved.
    11) This happens a lot with my kids, so I am able to be honest. I say: “You girls know you can’t lie to me. I can see what is in your hearts.” They rarely ever lie anymore.
    12) I would like to heal more and send positive energy where it will do the most good. It is so rewarding to help others heal.
    13) I wait and watch. Like lately – in the last few weeks, especially – I have felt a weight in my chest. It is an anxious, worried feeling. I hope it comes to nothing bad.

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