How To Live With An Empath

Written By: Lauralyn Avalon

How To Live With An Empath

Step 1
Be loyal. Loyalty is important to empaths because they often feel misunderstood or under attack. Even if it’s not a literal attack, it’s an attack of energy around them. Standing up for them if someone calls them extra sensitive means the world to them. If others say your partner is too sensitive tell them that your partner has a gift and it’s an amazing one at that.

Step 2

Be patient. There may be times when you feel you just can’t deal with your partner’s sensitivities if they picked up some nasty energy during the day that now needs to be cleared. Never take a change in moods personally. You know it’s not them, it’s the energy they picked up.

Step 3
Give them time and space to clear. Your partner may need time alone to clear the energy. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you or want to be there with you. It’s just something they need to do to feel themselves again, the person that you love.

Step 4
Empaths can take life way too seriously. Help them lighten up and have fun. Take them to playful places like Disneyland or mini golf. Empaths are so much fun when they’re surrounded by joyful, happy energy!

Step 5
Dote on their specialness. Empaths tend to feel alone and like no one understands what they go through. A simple trip to a busy mall can leave them feeling wired, overwhelmed and can even lead to an anxiety attack. Sometimes they wish they were “normal” and weren’t so super sensitive. Let them know how special you feel their sensitivity is. Share with them how it’s helped you.

Step 6
Recognize their strengths and support what they need to feel strong. Encourage them to follow their heart and trust their feelings. Ask them what they feel about a situation. Empaths love this! Encourage them to take good care of themselves.

Step 7
Be a good friend and listener. Empaths need to vent and self-express. If you lose interest in what they’re saying they may react overly upset. Surprised? They’re sensitive! Be honest with them if you’re too distracted to listen. They respect honesty but don’t like feeling neglected or ignored. After all, it’s not like they can ignore anything around them when they’re actually feeling it!

Step 8
Set realistic expectations. If you live with an empath, be prepared for them to be sensitive to loud noises so sports games can irritate their sensitive ears. Don’t expect them to watch action or horror films unless you want to totally traumatize them. Don’t pressure them to go to places where there’s a lot of energy, like stadiums, arenas or big malls if they’re not feeling up to it. It can feel too overwhelming and actually affect their sensitive nervous system.

Step 9
Do plan fun one-on-one time. Romantic vacations with gentle, relaxing activities are great for empaths as they love spending one-on-one time with you, away from the other distracting energies. Small gatherings with friends and family are also ideal.

Step 10
There are many benefits to living with an empath. You will receive their undivided attention. They will be sensitive to your needs and your stresses. They can be really understanding and supportive. They are very loving and loyal. And you won’t need to explain too much when something is bothering you – trust me, they’ll feel your pain!


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on March 24, 2009.

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