>From The Awakening Empath To The Awakened Empath

>Do you wonder what brought you here now, at this particular time in your lives? Sure you do. All of these years you’ve been struggling…..fighting against your natural inclinations, in order to fit into society, and to not be misunderstood or deemed a freak and/or crazy. And now, here you stand (or sit as the case may be since we are all on computers…hehehe) with a title in your hand and a large amount of information you have no idea what to do with. There is so much, that it feels like an overwhelming task that could not even be completed in one lifetime. Reading it is one thing, but assimilating it into your life and making it work for you are on a whole different level.

It all seems so overwhelming because there is no symmetry to any of this at the moment. It seems like to much and it overwhelms an already frazzled and fragile psyche that does not arrive here with complete faith in itself and its abilities.

But without even realizing it, you’ve already taken the first step to going from an Awakening Empath to an Awakened Empath, because the first step in this journey is acknowledging who and what you are. The first step isn’t about faith, religion, or spirituality. It is simply recognizing on a conscious level what you are, by bringing what you naturally do unconsciously into the forefront of your mind and giving it a name and a definition. This allows you to feel as though you belong here, because it truly is who and what you are.

Am I making sense so far?

The second, and most important, step is perception. Perception is the singular thing which colors our world. If you are told you are a horrible person all of your life, will you end up believing it, and thus making it a reality by acting it out? If you are a victim in your childhood, through no fault of your own, will this trait, because it is familiar, resurface in your adult relationships again and again?

All of these things arise because of the personal perspective you hold on yourself. The question ‘who am I?’ is an important one here. And these may be things you do not wish to acknowledge about yourselves, so believe me when I say I know how easy it is to write and how hard it is to do. But to have an accurate assessment about yourself these are things that must be faced head on. To do it, you must find within yourself the strength to face your worst enemy, you.

Once you know who you are, then you can change that perspective into one of faith. Instead of seeing yourself as the victim, you can turn this, through perspective, into something positive. ‘Look how strong I actually am. I am a survivor and I am more than what I thought I ever dreamed I am.’ Looking at pain, instead of through the eyes of loss, envy, anger, remorse, and depression, through the eyes of one who is learning and growing from these experiences, will allow you to set aside everything that has been lingering within you, your baggage as it were.

Relieving yourself of this will awaken so much of your own innate potential, because you will begin to like yourself, respect yourself, and care what happens to you, as much as you do for anyone else. You will be just as important as anyone else in the room, with intrinsic value all your own. And even though this was always so, you yourself will begin to see it and recognize it.

The third step in this seemingly overwhelming journey is faith. When I say faith, though, I do not necessarily mean a belief in any one deity or another. Religion, in this case, is secondary (please do not get angry at this statement, because it is not meant to offend in any way), and is only to say any way you choose to believe is fine. Faith here means faith in yourself, in your abilities, and your own innate value. Faith is self confidence and self esteem, which is the base for everything else you will work on later. It is the foundation for becoming an Awakened Empath who can use their abilities without becoming so overwhelmed that they seek to kill themselves in the process (both metaphorically and physically).

Faith will arise as your perceptions of yourself and the world around you slowly change. You will not even realize it is there, until one day, you look in the mirror and realize with a bolt of lightening that you like yourself and you see yourself for who you are, both good and bad.

But because this is your journey, these will be your own discoveries, without any one else telling you them along the way. This is because, they have deeper and more fulfilling meanings if you discover them on your own.

Imagine, if you will, being a person who has been through all of these steps already. If you can imagine it, then you can make it reality. It might take time…….lots of time, but it will come to fruition if you make it happen. But no matter who is there to support you along the way, it has to come from within you and you alone. The bridge to self esteem and self awareness can not be crossed on the backs of others. It must be walked across on your own two feet, because you have faith in yourself and in your own abilities.

So to recap this very long and drawn out blog, here are the three steps:

1. Awareness
2. Perception
3. Faith

Its as simple as that, and as hard as you make it. The more you fight this path, the harder it will be to achieve. There will be those along the way who will try to draw you from this path of self discovery. There will be those who promise you answers, without you having to do the soul searching of what I am saying. Some of those might even be Empaths. But false promises do nothing more than hinder your path to true awakening and freedom.

So there is some food for thought for everyone. ^_^

Oh and here are some quotes on perseverance:


~ by Misuchi Sakurai on March 24, 2009.

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